New way to lose weight with fat fish

With her for a research scientist of the Japanese universities, they found that fish oil poria reduce body fat.

But a new study by scientists from several Japanese universities published in Nature, found a little known benefit of this supplement: to help lose weight.

Even for research expuciron group of mice, half the group ate fish comidad grease and the other group did not.
With which the effect of fish oil in the fish oil in the accumulation of body fat in mice rodents was evaluated, and it was observed that they were fed fish oil gained significantly less weight than those who underwent control diet without this supplement, “says the report.

The weight of abdominal adipose tissue was lower in mice treated with fish oil. These data suggest that higher consumption of this oil promotes energy expenditure, the authors wrote.

expect that this experiment is studied in people with the hope that the same benefits are replicated. And why not? in the future to have a new ally against obesity.…

The 10 plastic surgeries most used by women

1. Surgery breast augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty) is one of the most popular in the world and in Colombia one of the most performed surgeries, there is no perfect age for breast enhancement, this surgical procedure is recommended practice from 17 or 18 years of age, when the body has developed enough.

2. Liposculpture this is the second most popular and demanded surgical procedure among women in Colombia, to mold and shape the body.

3. Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is one of the most popular surgical procedures in the world, but also one of the most complex because of the technique and precision to be taken not to harm the patient.

4. ipectomía or lipoabdominoplasty this surgery is popular among women who have had children and no longer wish to have more, involves removing excess skin of the abdomen, weakness and ridges stretching to leave the flat stomach, is ideal for people who They have children and do not intend to have any more.

5. Lipoinjection gluteal this surgical process is timely in line, does not refer to the gluteoplasty, surgery in which the size of the queue with silicone implants is increased.

6. eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) this surgery has become popular because although at first glance seem surgery to rejuvenate the face because of advancing age, many women practice because genetically tend to have large circles or eyelid fallen.

7. Raising eyebrows (Forehead) this procedure is to raise the front to give the face a more youthful touch to correct sagging eyebrows.

8. Eco this is the sum of different surgeries done on her face and neck to rejuvenate the appearance of the patient. Ideally, this surgery is to start making small interventions such as raising eyebrows over the passing years, starting from 45 or 50 years.

9. vaginal rejuvenation surgery to improve and rejuvenate the appearance of the external genitalia, it may seem strange and unusual this surgery, the reasons why a person would undergo this procedure are quite common among most women.

10. The ears are a dramatic point not only for women but for most people, many women have this surgery to improve the appearance of the face and to become a ponytail without having to hide her hair ears.…

Home remedies for bad breath

A no people likes to have bad breath, it is much worse smell.
Many years ago not exisictia toothpaste and mouthwashes.
Different herbs were used to help the bad mouth odor.

One of the causes is bad breath is not brushing, teeth often limpiarce dental floss.
Not to use this food residue left in the mouth bacteria produce odors. Other causes gum disease, dry mouth or tooth decay, sinusitis or other problems with your nose. Some foods such as onions or garlic or smoking also produce bad smell.

One of the plants that can help bad breath is the Parsley is a plant with the famous decoration in foods, contains a variety of nutrients it is rich in vitamin A and C, calcium and iron. But most important is that they are high in chlorophyll (the substance responsible for the green color of plants)
Therefore parsley is an ally to eliminate some toxins gra, digetiva function improves, cleanses the colon, regulates odors.

Chlorophyll well known parsley is included in many of the chewing gum. One of the grants is to chew a branch of crude perjil slowly after each meal can reduce the action of bacteria which can produccir bad breath. to intensify action is sumerjir some parsley sprigs parsley vinegar. Another option is to prepare a mouthwash based parsley, only need to boil water (two cups), when it reaches the boiling add a handful of chopped parsley. Leave 10 minutes off the fire. Stir constantly while cooling. Intake of parsley and seasoning your food is a good way to leverage its other properties. Including its potential as a diuretic to help remove body fluids.…

The power after exercising

Because during the year you spend your energy, then you must include a combo of carbohydrate and protein in order to have a better recovery. Opt for moderate carbs and high glycemic index in order to have a faster, especially after intense exercise recovery.

Protein is essential for muscle tissue repair and replenish glycogen stores. Protein are like “blocks” to build muscle; if not enough, you begin to lose muscle mass. An adequate intake of protein will also help speed up the metabolism by 25% and provide satiety. Besides exercise increases protein loss in the urine.

Prefer low-fat protein such as skinless chicken breast, fish, shellfish, eggs, sausages 98% fat-free cheese, soy sources, lean meats. Nonfat dairy like milk and yogurt also contain protein.

The average person should consume 1 gram of protein per kilo of weight. If the goal is to increase muscle mass or endurance athletes, consumption should increase to 2 grams per kilo of weight.…

7 foods that should be eaten in December

You can not gain weight this season year-end, and have no wish to increase the size.

Nose should eat this:

1. Skin Turkey: contains pure cholesterol and fat.

Do not eat the skin which contains high levels of fat and so this becomes cholesterol. the dark meat has more fat. Make the most of the fat and enjoy without guilt.

2. nougat.It contains 400 to 600 calories.

There are different candies but all contain the same number of elements a high amount of sugar, honey and nuts: hard nougat (462 calories), soft nougat (583), nougat (480 calories), yolk nougat (397 calories) , chocolate with almonds (589 calories) per 100 grams. Note: There are light versions of calories but the difference is not significant.

3. Christmas Pudding. It contains more than 280 calories.

all ingredients contain a high amount of calories, such as bread crumbs, almonds, jam, raisins and candied fruit. A small portion (60 grams) has 269 calories; a median portion (100 grams), 329 calories. Imagine if you serve twice, you will be adding between 540 and 658 calories, depending on the size of the portion.

4. Fruitcakes.It contains more than 350 calories.

Fruit even believe is diet. but with lots of butter, sugar (black and white), and other ingredients make these cakes in a “concentrated calories.” It is estimated that a portion (100 grams) contains 324 calories.

5. Nuts. containing more than 250 calories. Rowing machines make It possible to access this awesome exercise from the comfort of your home. check out rowing machine reviews right here!

In any parties lack a cup of nuts contains 800 calories. If you serve once by hand, you’ll be consuming about 170 calories.

6. Mashed potatoes with butter. It contains 237 calories.

This delicious meal is irresistible not to eat, but it takes a lot of milk and who prepared with reduced fat, salt and butter milk. To get an idea: a cup of mashed potatoes prepared at home can add almost 250 calories.

7. Gingerbread cookies. each unit contains 115 calories.

These cookies are very funny and delicious, but the vast cantidas these cookies are made from butter, sugar, flour and, of course, ginger, among other ingredients. Each time you test a cookie, you’ll be consuming 115 calories. Without realizing it could eat three or four, and add 345 or 460 calories in a few minutes.…