New way to lose weight with fat fish

With her for a research scientist of the Japanese universities, they found that fish oil poria reduce body fat.

But a new study by scientists from several Japanese universities published in Nature, found a little known benefit of this supplement: to help lose weight.

Even for research expuciron group of mice, half the group ate fish comidad grease and the other group did not.
With which the effect of fish oil in the fish oil in the accumulation of body fat in mice rodents was evaluated, and it was observed that they were fed fish oil gained significantly less weight than those who underwent control diet without this supplement, “says the report.

The weight of abdominal adipose tissue was lower in mice treated with fish oil. These data suggest that higher consumption of this oil promotes energy expenditure, the authors wrote.

expect that this experiment is studied in people with the hope that the same benefits are replicated. And why not? in the future to have a new ally against obesity.…