7 foods that should be eaten in December

You can not gain weight this season year-end, and have no wish to increase the size.

Nose should eat this:

1. Skin Turkey: contains pure cholesterol and fat.

Do not eat the skin which contains high levels of fat and so this becomes cholesterol. the dark meat has more fat. Make the most of the fat and enjoy without guilt.

2. nougat.It contains 400 to 600 calories.

There are different candies but all contain the same number of elements a high amount of sugar, honey and nuts: hard nougat (462 calories), soft nougat (583), nougat (480 calories), yolk nougat (397 calories) , chocolate with almonds (589 calories) per 100 grams. Note: There are light versions of calories but the difference is not significant.

3. Christmas Pudding. It contains more than 280 calories.

all ingredients contain a high amount of calories, such as bread crumbs, almonds, jam, raisins and candied fruit. A small portion (60 grams) has 269 calories; a median portion (100 grams), 329 calories. Imagine if you serve twice, you will be adding between 540 and 658 calories, depending on the size of the portion.

4. Fruitcakes.It contains more than 350 calories.

Fruit even believe is diet. but with lots of butter, sugar (black and white), and other ingredients make these cakes in a “concentrated calories.” It is estimated that a portion (100 grams) contains 324 calories.

5. Nuts. containing more than 250 calories. Rowing machines make It possible to access this awesome exercise from the comfort of your home. check out rowing machine reviews right here!

In any parties lack a cup of nuts contains 800 calories. If you serve once by hand, you’ll be consuming about 170 calories.

6. Mashed potatoes with butter. It contains 237 calories.

This delicious meal is irresistible not to eat, but it takes a lot of milk and who prepared with reduced fat, salt and butter milk. To get an idea: a cup of mashed potatoes prepared at home can add almost 250 calories.

7. Gingerbread cookies. each unit contains 115 calories.

These cookies are very funny and delicious, but the vast cantidas these cookies are made from butter, sugar, flour and, of course, ginger, among other ingredients. Each time you test a cookie, you’ll be consuming 115 calories. Without realizing it could eat three or four, and add 345 or 460 calories in a few minutes.

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