About me



Prepare Yourself for the Awesome:

The best way to read my blog is to picture every one of your favorite songs about some guy who is a rebel and doesn’t take crap from society.  Now picture me in their place.  I’m hot, I’m built, I’m holding a giant bong in one hand and a microphone in the other, spitting hot lyrical syrup onto hoes that swarm around my legs like litters of stray kittens.

Me-ow, ladies.  The doctor is IN.

In my world it’s like that. ALL THE TIME.

I never have to invent living out those awesome songs while holding a two foot glass bong and busting sweet white chocolate rhymes, because that’s what I do, twenty-four-seventy, and that’s a pretty big percentage of time!

There’s no time to daydream about a world I’m knuckle deep in already.  But you can, just by reading this blog.

Mine is a world you may not understand.  But maybe, maybe you’ll get it.  And the biggest changes ever to happen in your lifetime will all happen immediately after you read my fantasy blog.

Now replace “maybe” with “Fuck YES!  In your face!”

Because you are awesome enough to read my fantasy blog, I’m going to write the entries as short as possible so you can feel like you’ve accomplished more.  There will also be hot chicks represented by these pages, two or three.

And, hey, added bonus here.  I’m going to go ahead and include some images and videos that express who I am, bringing you that much deeper into my world.

Welcome to my fantasy blog, because it’s finally time to set the record straight…