Chandler’s Weekly Horoscopes

The CFB team, our resident expert astrologer, and a magic talking Rubik’s Cube, have sequestered themselves in a secret location miles bellow the earths surface in order to bring a weekly prediction based on astrological signs to you, our beloved reader.

About Our Resident Astrologist

Unfortunately, the living arrangements are very much like those underwater trailers the stars were living in during the filming of such movies as Sphere or the Abyss,  except in molten lava.  Overall this is an issue when it comes to relaying information back and forth between the CFBWA&HS Team and the sever, which is based out of some kind of lead lined shaft in the Colorado Rockies.  So once a week I have to venture from our secret base and broadcast from my totally decked out apartment, I have left in trust to my three legged cat.

Over the next few weeks we will continue to work on streamlining this section and broadening our methods of prediction. We hope that you, our sunshine (our only sunshine), can aid us in this beta R & D phase by letting us know how accurate our predictions are and how much this portion (or any portion) of the site has vastly improved your life.

Here are some of our upcoming plans for this section, you may notice a few already in effect.
1.24 hour Ghost Web Cam
2.The Dowsing Rod Iphone App (In the upcoming ‘Downloads’ section)
3.Psychic Hotline with your choice of lingual affectations
4.Restore and Recovery of good vibes from stolen or damaged crystals
5.Affirmation Chat Board for people who have magical powers
6.Reincarnation Roulette Game and Online Casino
7.Oregon Trail Hunt: Spirit Animals!
8.Daily Beatbox Mantras

Really that’s just to name a few and I know you will enjoy each and every one of our mind bending, reality altering, and fortune revealing additions to the site.