Home remedies for bad breath

A no people likes to have bad breath, it is much worse smell.
Many years ago not exisictia toothpaste and mouthwashes.
Different herbs were used to help the bad mouth odor.

One of the causes is bad breath is not brushing, teeth often limpiarce dental floss.
Not to use this food residue left in the mouth bacteria produce odors. Other causes gum disease, dry mouth or tooth decay, sinusitis or other problems with your nose. Some foods such as onions or garlic or smoking also produce bad smell.

One of the plants that can help bad breath is the Parsley is a plant with the famous decoration in foods, contains a variety of nutrients it is rich in vitamin A and C, calcium and iron. But most important is that they are high in chlorophyll (the substance responsible for the green color of plants)
Therefore parsley is an ally to eliminate some toxins gra, digetiva function improves, cleanses the colon, regulates odors.

Chlorophyll well known parsley is included in many of the chewing gum. One of the grants is to chew a branch of crude perjil slowly after each meal can reduce the action of bacteria which can produccir bad breath. to intensify action is sumerjir some parsley sprigs parsley vinegar. Another option is to prepare a mouthwash based parsley, only need to boil water (two cups), when it reaches the boiling add a handful of chopped parsley. Leave 10 minutes off the fire. Stir constantly while cooling. Intake of parsley and seasoning your food is a good way to leverage its other properties. Including its potential as a diuretic to help remove body fluids.

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